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Environment & Behaviour Consultants (EBC) has operated in Australia for over 20 years and is at the leading edge of research and practice. Operating across all Australian States, over 200 projects have been undertaken and commissioned by community groups, private industries and State and Australian Governments.

EBC has experience of undertaking social and community research and practice in both the natural and built environments. There are also 'content areas' which occur across different research environments.

EBC's breadth of experience includes expertise in community consultation and engagement in the development of new projects; the assessment of the social and community impacts of project proposals, undertaking needs assessments and feasibility studies; and developing and using indicators to monitor and evaluate the social change of new policies or proposals.

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Products and Services

EBC can offer your business social research and community engagement in:

  • Natural resource management and planning,
  • Agricultural and rural communities,
  • Urban development and design,
  • Infrastructure planning and development, and
  • Institutional change

Completed Projects and Solutions

A sneak peek into some of the problems EBC has encountered and solved.

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